My Personal Scarlet Letter – Dating Techniques

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I’m planning to let you in on a single of my personal big, dirty, online dating tips. A long time ago we began slightly practice using my blackberry that goes something such as this…any time we came across a man out and exchanged figures I would personally enter his title in my own telephone together with the very first three characters «WTF» preceding it.

This served many purposes—it would instantly let me identify that this is an intoxicated experience, it might lump every one of these drunken activities with each other (for entertainment reasons, however) and… will allow us to supply a private graduation program in my own mind that in case and only if they became a worthy prospect, would I then eliminate this Scarlet Letter—badge of shame should you decide will—from their own title in my cellphone. As I got better, and my get in touch with number multiplied out of hand, I more amended this little program to add the origin of conference. Therefore for example, the entry within my phone book appears something like this «WTF–John—BarXYZ.» Great, I Am Aware ;).

Stuck indoors one rainy evening i came across myself personally rummaging through my personal telephone and scratching my head after all with the phone calls, texts and numbers I collected. When I scroll through, i cannot help but see my personal very early alzhiemer’s disease has started to create in as I try to remember this business but i shall carry out my personal best to share various from my important «WTF» shows reel along with you.
WTF—Dan—BC : I think this was semi-cute policeman in his very early 20’s, I didn’t like plethora of text typos he delivered and so I ignored him.
WTF—Dan? WB: This cannot be good because I Do Not remember any kind of it—AT ALL!
WTF—Dean: King of all of the douches from a couple of years ago….he regularly call me ALL the time and leave messages increasing and accenting every word the guy muttered, like «heeeellllllllooooooo,» «it’s Deeeeeeaaannnnn.» I really agreed to go out with this loser that I will blog in regards to quickly.
WTF—Glenn: Adorable! Mid 20’s, their appropriate appeared to be a dirty frat house, he had an unusual fixation together with the television show guy vs. crazy and then he accustomed wake up EVERY morning to your song Eye associated with Tiger….ahh the thoughts. He simply could not handle an older girl.
WTF—Jason—VO: Sleazy European! He and his pal tried to get my personal roommate and us to increase to his likely which was outside from where we found him…probably because a) he was low priced and failed to would you like to pay for products and b) he desired to have an orgy. Never ever sought out with him.
WTF—Max: We sat near to both on an airplane trip home from Las vegas. He was with several men on the in the past from a bachelor party. We talked the complete flight—something regarding the distance of your chairs and air borne-ness just managed to get increasingly flirty, touchy, hot and sexy. The guy never called….and I would gamble it actually was their bachelor party which they happened to be coming house from.

Well, it doesn’t also create a dent in the number but it is all We have time for immediately! Oh yea, an added perk within this program, the «W» in «WTF» keeps these fellas towards the bottom of my list—which is clearly where they all belong. Until the next occasion, carry on trekking!