Lemme get a look at the menagerie

Lemme get a look at the menagerie

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Steven Universe: The movie

Well, really, really, better, really. You must be Amethyst, you really must be Garnet, and you will Red Diamond’s Pearl! Wow, she took your with her. Is not that simply – [through gritted white teeth] swell up?

Hahahaha, oh, but it is, and it is! I experienced an alternate build, and a few the fresh playthings which can be planning to lay an end towards the ‘happily actually after’, once and for all!!

Yeah yeah yeah, I’ve read. I’ve had your own absolutely nothing content into universe – to the loop! Oh, I recently looove one region, where Pink Diamond spends with the rest of the woman months with this nowhere globe, which have a bunch of nobodies!

You never poof, do you really. Realized normally. Just waiting! Your own human half wouldn’t stand a spin facing my injector. perhaps not immediately following the thing i merely performed into the ge-em!

Hi! You shouldn’t be sad, your closest friend, your new best friend, your companion, Your brand-new Closest friend SPINEL Is here now!

Remember the best friend, Spinel! Steven: Oh, best. Spinel, you sit right here into others, and you may I’ll be. back. No!

This was all of our garden. A different industry, built for just Pink and i also. Into Homeworld, Green is actually so lonely and you can sad, not here. Here, we could possibly wager days. Each and every day was much enjoyable. At least, that’s what I thought. Red wanted a colony more than anything. Someday, the girl desire to appeared real! Blue and you may Red-colored provided Red her very own world: Planet! I happened to be very happy! An innovative new place to gamble!

d After which she smiled, that’s what I am shortly after, This new laugh within her vision, this new voice of the woman laughter Happy to tune in, Happy to enjoy, Gladly viewing the lady float. away d

d Isn’t that pleasant? Isn’t that cool? And you can isn’t that cruel? And you may aren’t I a trick getting, Happily listened, Willing to remain, Joyfully enjoying her float. Float. Drift. Aside d

How you attending disregard beside me up to? I am the source of all the the troubles! Cannot pretend you desire myself right here. What is actually your own plan for me, huh? Your browsing lay myself someplace? Your planning to exit me someplace? You likely to exit me personally by yourself?

«We could simply skip it previously took place»? Your suggest I’m able to just skip this previously took place, hahahohohoho, hahahah. Wahahahahow. Just what a strategy! We closed brand new injector, and then the moment my personal right back is turned into –Bam! Presto! Change-o! Situation set! Really, reconsider that thought, you’re not getting rid of me personally that facile.

You understand, this really is fairly twisted, however, I’m a little flattered that you enjoyed the existing myself–simple, enjoying, foolish. In the event that’s your look, you will want to leave her similar to this?

You understand, We appeared here when deciding to take my personal anger out on a team regarding strangers, but now which i see you, I should eliminate your significantly more.

Wow! We know I became planning to set you back, but this is one way your become? The new legend, Steven World? Hahahaha. Your gotta end up being kidding me personally. Just how did a helpless loser like you become saving grace of the galaxy?!

All that stuff’s simple for you to state. After you transform, your change on the best; whenever i change, I transform towards even worse! We was previously just not suitable, not good enough to have Red! However — today.. I am not saying great at all the!! Which is funny correct? A-At the least your located myself amusing. You probably appreciated myself, didn’t you. Exactly what have always been I undertaking? So why do I like to hurt your so very bad? I’m supposed to be a pal. I recently should end up being a buddy.

I’ve had work to do. Friendship will not be easy personally. I am planning to need work with it. You will be making myself like to try however,. I’ve currently screwed-up crappy to you. I wish I am able to simply range from scrape which have anybody.

d Yes I know that you’re not the lady, and that i is hers Do you know what it meant to love her, and you encourage me personally plenty from her d

Steven Market Future

Since i have tried to destroy you? That was very awkward! I happened to be only a great ruin in those days, however, I’m such greatest today!

She will be able to make my arms extremely hard and you can large!Steven: This will be cool however, I- And you will she will provide me personally absolutely nothing, teeny feetsies!

Steven: Hold off an additional, your once had vengeful view. Oh, yeah! However, I do not score ‘em any further. Steven: How do you cause them to prevent? I satisfied a tiny somebody called «Steven World»! And then he said d IIIII- I am able to Create An improvement! d

*crying* This might be my personal fault! *sobs loudly* Light Diamond: Spinel! You shouldn’t be silly! Everybody knows that all this is because regarding me personally! Zero, it’s because off myself! I tried so you can wipe their friend’s memories very he would perish by yourself toward a barren world!